The two buildings of Can Morei have been completely renovated. From the first moment we thought of accessibility as a natural element to incorporate

We think about accessibility

Absolute relaxation

The fitness and relaxation areas (swimming pool, weight room, hammam) are accessible daily from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Treatments are available daily, on request and subject to availability, between 9 am and 7 pm.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great

The body

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great

The Face


Accessibility and inclusive tourism development in natural areas

Can Morei, accessible apartments, is one of the projects selected by the UNWTO World Tourism Organization in its publication Accessibility and Inclusive Tourism Development in Natural Areas (May 2021). The project was presented at FITUR-NEXT (Madrid, 2021).
This publication addresses the relative lack of research carried out on the subject of accessibility in natural areas to date. Through multiple case studies and best practice examples drawn from UNWTO Affiliate Members and other organizations, it illustrates different ways of designing and implementing projects aimed at improving accessibility in nature and thus enabling people with disabilities to travel to these areas.

The Swimming Pool

We have elevator for the swimming pool. It is an elevator with hydraulic system, autonomous in that the user does not need external help.

The Jacuzzi

We have adapted the entrance height of the Jacuzzi to 48cm and installed an elevating seat with batteries.

Los Baños

They are spacious, the shower trays are completely level with the floor. No screens limiting movement.
The wash basins allow a problem-free approach and the mirrors are located at a convenient height.
The support bars are adjustable in height.

We have at the disposal of the clients a wheelchair with hoops for the use of the bathroom or if you prefer a chair with handles in the shower tray.

The kitchen

The kitchens have a folding work tray that allows for convenient operation.
The taps also have an accessible length.

The rooms

All rooms are very spacious. Both sides of the bed can be accessed comfortably.
All double beds 180x200 wide can be prepared separately with 2x90x200 if desired.
The hangers are with handle.

Access to the terraces

All apartments with private terrace or balcony have direct access from the living room without barriers or obstacles.
Most of the windows are down to the ground level to favor the view, light and space.

Access to all levels

The building has a central elevator that distributes access to all floors, to the pool level and to the barbecue terrace level.
Also direct access to the meeting room.
The main and direct entrance doors from the parking are barrier free.

Equipment. Magnetic loop.

The multipurpose room for meetings and common uses is equipped with a magnetic loop.

A question of details

We take care of every detail for our customers.